Friday, 1 February 2013


Recently Dad and I were flying to Cains in a domestic flight. It was a beautiful day, the clouds were puffy and pure white, the sky was a very pretty blue. Nothing down below on earth could possibly  harm me I lazily thought.

I love the feeling of flying. The whoosh of power you feel as you take off is thrilling, you're pressed to your seat and feel the lift and then the blissful feeling of flying above the ground.

I looked down at the sea below us. I saw many small white things, I thought they might be hundreds of sea-gulls, or possibly litter washed up in a small area. It was puzzling me, so I interupted Dad's reading.

"Dad, what are those white things down below?" I asked.
"Rips, waves." Was his reply. "They look diffrent up here don't they?"
"Yeah, I couldn't tell."

Although I felt a little silly not gussing, I thought about our holidays at the beach and swimming in the waves. I remembered one particular insident.

The waves were huge of my small ten-year-old body. I cluthched Dad's hand and we went under and then out the other side or a wave. Dad was laughing as I quickly wiped all the water out of my eyes so to not block my view from the next upcomming wave.

I could tell the next wave was going to be big, it was quickly forming and towering above me. We were in the prime wave spot. Fear clutched my heart.

"Dad, I want to turn back."
"Why, I'm here with you, I'm not going to let go of you."

Dad held my hand and we faced the wave together. I took a deep breath and we dived under it. I could feel the wave over me, but it couldn't harm me. I came to the surface smiling. Dad was there holding my hand.

Now above the earth I looked down at what once seemed huge and frightning. I smiled.

I thought about times in my life I had worried over small things that seemed huge at the time. My heavenly dad was there. And just like my earthly dad,  he said "why are you afraid? I am with you, we'll face it together." Holding God's hand, we faced every 'wave' that was frightning. Looking back, many of those things were small and unimportant to lifes big picture. Like seeing waves from up high.

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  1. Oh Lauren, that is so beautiful!! And I LOVE your new blog - can't wait to read more!! I was so excited to hear that you'd started a personal blog. :)
    God Bless you! Love, Alice xx

  2. Oh, this is beautifully written and has got me thinking too...thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing more on your personal blog :)
    Love you!

  3. That great lauren. Great job!!! I love it. Can't wait to read more