Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Still a little foolish

I have always been one of those unfortunate 'feel-compassion-towards-every-lving-creature' types (with exception towards snakes and sharks). I tried curing myself of feeling sorry for every squished ant when I was a little girl by forcing myself to delibratly squish one, but alas it did not cure me, I only felt dreadfully guilty after.

Now I am almost 16, but still childish in many ways...

My school desk is suited next to a window. I don't delibratly distract myself, but on this particular cold, geography lesson I was feeling comfy with a doona snuggled around my legs, my eye just happened to notice an unfortunate bug trapped in a pool of water sitting in an upside-down chair. I immediately felt sorry for the poor fellow trapped in water on such a cold, miserable day and then reproached myself for getting distracted from my lesson over such a matter. I proceeded to read about poler regions and other dreadfully cold places. My mind  however couldn't quite abandon that wretched bug trapped in a watery grave, and I felt sorry for it, thinking how cruel life is for such a creature, ignored by most, never loved or thought kindly by anyone, and imagine how I would feel, if I was a bug. Because when you think about it, God's really blessed every human by creating them a human and not an insect. 

As my mind whirled all these thoughts, I soon realised that I would have no peace of mind until I delt with this bug. 

I walked silently away from my school desk and quietly turned the laundry door knob and braved the harsh outdoor environment (where I live isn't actually that cold, but I'm not very tolerant of cool weather, I'm happier in the tropics). I tipped over the chair and freed the bug. As I turned around, I noticed several men building a house right behind our backyard fence. I'm not sure if they noticed me or not, but I felt a little foolish. 

As I sat back down to my desk, I smiled, such is my life. 


  1. Hahaha, you are not the only one Lauren, who has situations like that concerning a small creature or a insect! If I see even a little bird sitting very still on the side of the road I must see if it's ok, otherwise I feel guilty that I didn't help it! :D


  2. I love what you wrote, it was funny, interesting and as I said this afternoon, so YOU!!! :D
    Ah, me just love you Sammy!! <3

  3. Haha, I'm with you! That's what I'd do!

    Cassie xoxoxo