Friday, 25 October 2013

Simple Joys...

I have always loved the water, I am a swimmer. Maybe being Australian, living on an island it's in my blood to love the tranquillity and sheer power the ocean possesses. There is nothing like natural water, but I still enjoy to cold and peace I feel in a pool.  But swimming in a squad has never diminished my pleasure with water, but sometimes distracted me from it.

Last week my coach made us do a six hundred meter breaststroke swim. I inwardly groaned, "not breaststroke it's slow, its going to take forever." But as I've learnt, never argue with a coach (or they'll make it twelve hundred), so I pushed off and glided.

After a few laps, when my mind eased up on the technique and counting 1..2..3.. glide,  I began to feel  the water at my fingertips, the incredible feeling of just gliding through beautiful water, I wriggled my fingers slowly, just to feel the water slide through them, it was the best six hundred I've swam. It caused me to think of my creator, the creator of the world, I smiled through the breaths and glides, I felt happy and peaceful. I thanked God for the simply joy of gliding through and feeling water.

I think being in a rushed world that demand so much of our time, we forget the simple joys that were meant to be felt in the midst of our business. I'm not at all saying being busy is bad, I know I've never been so busy in my life as I have been this term (hence the lack of blogging), and I know that my business isn't wrong, it's preparing for a six week mission trip, finishing home schooling, buying a school uniform, moving house and writing and researching for debates. I think our problem is we get caught up in it, we forget that life was also meant to be enjoyed, smiles were supposed to be seen and laughter was meant to be heard.
This week try to find a simple joy that makes you smile. Love your family and friends, don't be shy, enjoy life, and make time for your maker.